Animals and COVID-19

What We’ve Learned About Animals and COVID-19

In recent news, two pet cats tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York state. Both felines show mild respiratory symptoms and a full recovery is expected. This comes just weeks after we had learned that four tigers and three lions tested positive at the Bronx Zoo. This news is concerning, so we must be sure that our response is smart and effective—based on facts, not fear.

Novel Coronavirus in Cats and Humans

Cat-to-cat transmission and person-to-cat transmission are both possible, but it appears that cats are very mildly susceptible to COVID-19. As of now, a cat transmitting to a person has not been documented. But, there are still many unknowns about this novel virus, so we have to take precautions.

Virus Safety Measures for You and Your Pet

If you are infected with COVID-19, the CDC recommends that you quarantine yourself from other people and from your household pets. If you live alone, avoid contact as much a possible. Wash your hands before and after feeding and cleaning up after your pet. Also, do not allow your cat to lick or be near your face.

Disowning Your Pet is Not the Answer

We don’t get rid of family members to reduce our risk of infection from COVID-19. Therefore, I encourage you to not disown a household pet for this reason. During this time, many of us are scared. However, when it comes to our fur babies, we should not base our decisions on fear, but instead, on knowledge and facts. Take all the necessary precautions, be smart, and continue to love and care for your sweet felines. Stay safe.

With Much Love,
Dr. Loudon

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