Vet-to-Vet Services - Dr. Loudon, Long Island, NY

Vet-to-Vet Services (for Veterinarians)

Help your patients receive the highest level of care possible with my vet-to-vet services. Keep them in your hospital where it is familiar to them and where your clients are comfortable. Avoid sending your sick patients to large referral centers that may be intimidating and expensive to your clients.

Surgical Services

Avoid having to transport your patients out for surgery. Instead, have an emergency veterinarian with over sixteen years of experience in soft tissue surgery come to your practice to perform the surgery in-house. My service includes a consultation with you, communication with the owner, and a complete summary of the procedure.

  • Simple Surgeries…$800
    Examples of simple surgeries include enucleation, toe amputation, small mass removal, etc.

  • Complex Surgeries…$1000
    Examples of complex surgeries include splenectomy, GDV, enterotomy, cystotomy, etc.


Emergency Services

Instead of transferring your patients to another hospital, I will come to your hospital to perform emergency procedures. Prices include consultation, patient exam, emergency procedure and follow-up phone consultation.

  • Emergency Procedures…$350
    Emergency procedures include central line catheterization, thoracocentesis, pericardiocentesis, chest tube placement, female urinary catheterization, esophageal feeding tube, etc.


Case Consultations

I am available for phone or in-person consultations on critical cases. I can discuss the case with you at length and provide a treatment plan both on the phone and in an emailed document. Prices include any follow-up calls.

  • Phone Consultation…$125
  • In-Person Consultation…$375
    Includes hospital visit, patient exam, record review, treatment plan and follow-up phone conversations.

This service saves you from losing your patients to referral centers, keeps your patients from having to travel in critical condition, and allows you to provide the best patient care at an affordable cost to your clients.