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Veterinary Telehealth and Concierge Services

Providing dog parents with peace of mind in the comfort of their own home.

Veterinary visits can be costly and stressful for both you and your dog. Allow me to help you avoid a visit to the vet if possible. With my veterinary telehealth and concierge service, I can provide care that is attentive, private, and stress-free.

Choose from one of the following veterinary telehealth services:

Concierge Telehealth Appointment – Dog Health Roadmap

This telehealth appointment is 60 minutes long, and includes:

  • Review of your dog’s current health condition
  • Virtual exam on Zoom, Google Meet, or by phone
  • Image and/or video review of your dog
  • This appointment will result in a detailed road map of what your specific dog needs to keep as healthy as possible and increase his/her longevity. We will discuss preventative care (vaccines, pesticides), natural supplements, diet, daily habits and more.
  • Medication prescription if necessary
  • Roadmap sent to your inbox


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Second Opinion Telehealth Comprehensive Appointment

For dogs with chronic disease or a severe condition that has not responded to therapy.
The format will be similar to the concierge appointment, but will be more in depth.

This comprehensive veterinary telehealth appointment is 60 minutes long and includes the following:

  • Review of your dog’s medical history prior to the appointment
  • Virtual exam on Zoom, Google Meet, or by phone
  • My recommendations for treatment and possibly diagnostics
  • Medication prescription if necessary
  • Discussion of your dog’s general wellness, including diet and supplements
  • Full report via email
  • Follow-up call or Zoom meeting
  • In-home visit if necessary


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