Testimonials From Grateful Pet Guardians

Carol Ann Payton

October 2023

It’s been 1 month since Dr Loudon came to my home and helped Ralph pass over 😢 I’m so lucky to have had him pass away at home in his own bed with all his family surrounding him.
Dr Loudon you made this heartbreaking experience bearable ❤️ you were so nice and compassionate to Ralphie and my family. I’m forever grateful.. ❤️

Helayne Damiano

August 2023
We were lucky and blessed to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen party in honor of our beautiful Havapoo, Daisy. As the months passed and a serious illness worsened, we knew we had to make a decision.
Daisy was now almost 17 years old and suffering.

In a time of deep sadness, Dr. Loudon was there for us. We knew we wanted to be at home surrounded by Daisy’s favorite things, and been highly recommended to Dr. Loudon.

Dr. Loudon was patient, kind and understanding at a very difficult time.
We thank you for your calmness and guidance. Our Daisy was a beloved member of our family and we were glad to have had the compassion we so needed at that time.

Kim M

August 27th, 2023
Ever since the day I got my dog I always dreaded the day I would have to say goodbye. Dr Loudon helped us with this difficult decision and made the process as seamless as possible. I had never had to put a dog down and I was so afraid to have to do it in a veterinarian office. Due to my dog’s condition and various treatments my dog became very upset when going to the vets office. I knew I didn’t want his final moments to be in a place he was unhappy. Dr Loudon was kind, compassionate, and professional. The process was smooth and peaceful, my best friend just went to sleep. His remains were hand delivered to us by Dr Loudon in a timely manner. He was returned to us in a beautiful urn that included a framed photo of his paw print. If you must go through this, the only way to do it is with Dr Loudon at your home. Not only is the process easier for your pet, it will be easier on you as well. Thank you Dr. Loudon!

Cori Bayardelle

August 2023
Dr. Loudon provided the most compassionate and graceful environment and skill set for our beloved Zoey to be put to rest in a way that honored who she was to our family. We are exceptionally grateful for her services at home and recommend her without any reservation.

G Larkin

August 20th, 2023
Dr Loudon is wonderful! She made our very sad loss of our beloved pup, Champ into a very peaceful and serene goodbye. Her compassion for our family and the tenderness in treating our old pup was something we will always remember. ❤️

Ashley Memos

July 27th, 2023
Dr. Loudon has been extremely helpful & attentive to my cat Salem & I! She was so informative from the start and able to diagnose a few things occurring with him that my vet never picked up on after years! I’m so happy we met her! It’s nice to know someone who has so much knowledge and genuinely cares about my fur baby as much as I do! I can not thank her or praise her enough!

Mark Olivo

July 27th, 2023
Dr. Loudon was very prompt and professional. She was exactly what we needed at the time.


C. Campbell

July 27th, 2023
Dr. Loudon made the hardest day of my life so much more bearable. Over the last year of our dog being sick, I couldn’t imagine how I would ever say goodbye to her. It felt impossible and I played it over and over in my head so many times. Dr. Loudon made our hardest decision so peaceful and beautiful for our girl. We truly can’t thank her enough for everything she did and I have so much peace knowing our girl passed away so beautifully, at home (where she was happiest), and surrounded by our family. It’s so hard losing them, but having such a positive experience made such a difference in our grieving. Definitely recommend her and I’m so sorry if you’re having to make that decision. :(


Jennifer Ingoglia

March 2023
Just wanted to take a moment to review Dr. Loudon, and how professional her service was. She showed up at my house on time and called 5 minutes before to confirm my reservation. As Dr. Loudon entered my home I could tell immediately she was very empathetic of my situation. Shelby was my Doberman for the past 9 years. My life, and my love. Letting her go was one of the hardest thing I had to do in my life. Dr. Loudon gave me ample time to say goodbye with my family. After Shelby passed she tucked her in, gave her a flower, and kissed her on the head. It’s amazing that there are vets that care so much even though they don’t know your animal. As bad as it was to let go of my love, my baby, the home service is the way to go. Doesn’t cost much more and it’s more personable. Thanks again Dr. Loudon, and for reaching out a month later to see how I was doing. This means a lot. Take care.


Gina F

March 2023
Dr. Loudon came to our home with gentleness and kindness. She was extremely accommodating and responded right away to my messages. Our beloved pet, Teddy, was able to pass peacefully and respectfully in his own home surrounded by his family. Teddy’s ashes were hand delivered by Dr. Loudon with kindness and sincerity. Our family is so grateful to Dr. Loudon for making this difficult process easier for all of us.


Tiana Bertolino

April 2023
Dr. Loudon came to our house today to provide in-home euthanasia. This was the most seamless process and she has the most incredible bed side manner when pet parents are processing losing their pet. She was soft spoken, explained everything she was doing, told us to go get Cody’s favorite treat (cheese doodles) so that he can eat them while she administered the first medication. Our Cody had some aggression issues in the past, so I thought this experience was going to be horrible, but not even a muzzle was needed and he was able to pass – peacefully at home with a half of cheese doodle in his mouth. The after passing care she took with him was beautiful as well. I could not say anymore positive comments about Dr. Loudon and her treatment of Cody and our feelings through this process. I’m forever grateful that we were able to find her.

Bethann Cavallo-Smith

February 2023
I was totally amazed and grateful for the care that Dr. London took in helping my family and I say goodbye to our 13 year old dog. Dr. London walked us through the process, was careful to advise us of her eta, was loving, gentle and respectful to my dog and the family. She then kindly and personally returned his ashes home. Dr Loudon made a very difficult situation so much easier to cope with. Her professionalism and gentleness truly provide an opportunity for our family to assist our beloved pet and end his life humanely, surrounded by his people, knowing he was much loved.