Dr. Loudon D.V.M., represents the epitome and gold standard of modern Veterinary Medicine and care. Well educated, knowledgeable of all species, she renders exceptional treatment. Dr. Loudon is skillful, understanding, confident, competent and exhibits uncanny patience; genuinely demonstrating compassion concomitantly with empathy both towards her “Patients” and their respective owners. Dr. Loudon will walk you through your pets treatment plan step by step, all while providing both personable and professional updates concerning your pets’ condition and or any modifications to her prescribed plan of care. Dr. Loudon continues this communication even after her patient has been discharged, reaching out frequently to check on your pets wellness. She saved the life of our family K9 and was prepared for all that presented. When our K9 took a turn for the worst, Dr. Loudon literally dropped what she was doing on her day off to perform what would be a life saving surgery. We think very highly of her as a both a Veterinarian and an individual. It is because of you that our precious baby girl (K9) is still with us and continues to thrive. We appreciate everything that Dr. Loudon has done for our girl. For that we are forever grateful.

Thank you Dr Loudon!



I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a phenomenal Doctor that I had first hand experience with in my own desperate emergency with my dog Josie. Josie was pregnant and she was not progressing. I ran her to the hospital where I met with Dr. Lynda Loudon. She rushed Josie in for a c-section and my dear Josie died 6 or 7 times on the table. This doctor kept my dog alive and rushed my son Luke and I to be with her and her pups. She gave me the news that she didn’t think Josie would make it. She allowed me to talk to and to pray with my dear pet Josie and things started to improve! As we all stood in amazement Josie regained consciousness! The skilled hands  and quick decisions that Dr. Loudon had to make during this critical time to not give up are remarkable! From what I understand from 12 news is that Josie is only 1 of Dr. Loudon’s miracle cases. She has turned many pet owners tears of so
rrow into tears of joy and for this I stand with many and applaud her dedication to the health and wellbeing of Long Island pets and pet owners everywhere.

Josie’s mom,
Grace Ann


Hi! We have a 12ish young/old golden retriever. She wasn’t able to walk well and dragged her back feet. We had to use a horse girth strap to assist her in walking. After we started with your program, we are amazed, Maggie has been getting up and around with little effort. Walking to greet people, almost walking down the ramp unassisted until we stop her. Just amazing. Thank you so much for your time with her.


It was a beautiful June morning, heading to a soccer camp with my daughter in CT for the day. I awoke about 4:30am and took our Wheaton terrier Molly,who is 10, outside to do her business and she ate a snack when she came back in but she just didn’t seem right. She was panting a lot and moving like a snail. She has a very sensitive stomach so I just attributed her panting to her tummy not feeling well. But it was more than that. She had a look in her big brown eyes that was asking for help but I didn’t understand. She began to pant more and her nose was extremely dry and she was starting to have trouble walking. It was at this point that I decided to not go to CT but instead take Molly to the emergency vet. Our vet of 20 years didn’t open until 9 and this seemed to serious to wait another second. I looked up emergency vets and the closest was AES. My daughter and I put Molly into the car, she was now barely able to stand up and breathing very heavy, and headed there. Within 5 minutes they had a diagnosis and solution and that was before I even meet the veterinarians themselves. I would do anything I could to save my best friends life but I didn’t even know these doctors. As soon as I met Dr Loudin I felt very comfortable with her because of her passion, compassion and warmth, not even knowing her credentials. It turns out there was a mass in Molly’s spleen that ruptured and she was bleeding into her abdomen, basically drowning in her own blood. Dr Loudin recommended an emergency splenectomy and possible blood transfusions but with such an understanding for how I was feeling that there was no question about how we were going to proceed. The scarier part was once the spleen was out there was a chance it could be cancerous but we would have to wait for the biopsy to know. The surgery was a complete success and Molly was so well taken care of by Dr Loudin and her staff that she was released in 2 days with no complications and a barely noticeable incision across most of her abdomen. I’m not a wound person by this was amazing how it was done. I took Molly to her vet the next day to check the wounds and her vitals and they were impressed by how well she was recovering just 3 days later. I found out that our vet knows Dr Loudin and recommends AES to people needing emergency care. The best news is the biopsy came back negative and there was no cancer. We, the Havrilla family, including Molly, want to thank Dr Loudin and her staff for the excellent care and overwhelming compassion they showed for our beloved family member,pet, and to us!