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I’m Dr. Lynda Loudon—emergency veterinarian, dog trainer, speaker, writer, and dog guardian coach. I help dogs live their healthiest, longest lives by being the foremost resource for their guardians.

Welcome to our tribe of like-minded dog lovers, our classroom, our support team and the future of well-informed dog parents!

Dr. Lynda Loudon with a Poodle

My mission as an ER veterinarian of over 20 years is to use my wealth of medical experience and knowledge to help dog guardians make informed choices that lead to a more vibrant life for their dog.

A dog guardian’s decisions can increase their dog’s longevity and wellbeing immensely. The wrong decisions can have grave consequences. I’m here to help you avoid this and guide you towards being the best guardian you can for your dog.

As a dog trainer of over 35 years, my vision is to develop core strategies that lead to a well-balanced, happy dog, and a strong human/dog bond. I am passionate about helping families lead their dog to meet its greatest potential and to achieve a dog they can truly enjoy.

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