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Dr. Loudon and Parker

Healing Dogs with Expertise & Compassion

Hey there!

I’m Dr. Lynda Loudon—emergency veterinarian, dog trainer, digital course creator, speaker, grateful mom of 2 amazing boys, and dog guardian coach. I am also an ultimate frisbee playing, yoga loving, self-education obsessed, imperfect vegan who would rather be on a long hike with her dogs than at a cocktail party any day.

My goal is to help your dog live a long and healthy life by empowering you, the guardian, to become the healthcare advocate. I also want to help you become the leader your dog needs you to be in order to bring out his or her highest potential.

You deserve the dog of your dreams to fully share this beautiful life with! I can help you get it!

Welcome to our tribe of like-minded dog lovers, our classroom, our support team and the future of well-informed dog parents!

Dr. Lynda Loudon with a Poodle

My mission as an ER veterinarian of over 20 years has been to use my medical experience and knowledge to help dog guardians make informed choices that lead to a naturally healthy life for their dog.

A dog guardian’s decisions can increase their dog’s longevity and wellbeing immensely. The wrong decisions can have grave consequences. I’m here to help you avoid this and guide you towards being the best guardian you can be for your dog.

And as a dog trainer of over 39 years, my vision is to develop core strategies that lead to a well-balanced, happy dog, and a strong human/dog bond. I am passionate about helping lead your dog to greatness… to achieve a dog you can truly enjoy.

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