Here Are a Few Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

1. Just tricks- No treats for our 4 legged friends. Candy and chocolate are no bueno. Sugar free candy that contains xylitol is the most dangerous because it can cause liver failure.
Chocolate toxicity can also be very serious and lead to hospitalization. Keep the candy safely stored away from your dog.
2. Reduce Stress- Take steps to be sure your dog is comfortable and in a stress free environment. Set him up in a secluded space with soft music and a frozen peanut butter filled kong until the action dies down.
3. I.D. tags-be sure your dog has his I.D. on him in case he gets out of a door or gate during the chaos of the night.
4. Crazy Costumes-Don’t freak your dog out with crazy costumes. Its fun to dress them up but be sure you’re not stressing them out for your own enjoyment. I know it can be hard to resist..
Enjoy Your Halloween and Stay Safe!
Much Love,

xoxo Dr.Loudon

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