Humane euthanasia is the decision all of us dog lovers dread. Unfortunately, if we are going to have dogs as part of our lives, this day is inevitable.
Having a plan in place will make this time less stressful and will allow you to make the transition for your dog as peaceful as possible. Also making it as easy as possible for you.

5 Reasons Home Euthanasia Should Be Your Only Choice

1. Home euthanasia eliminates the fear involved in a hospital visit

The hospital is full of smells, sounds, bright lights, and movement that can cause fear and anxiety.

You want to be sure that the last feelings your dog experiences are comfort and love.

2. It is less painful for your dog

Most dogs are experiencing some type of pain when they are at the end of their life. This may be arthritic pain or pain associated with illness.

Moving your dog to the car, traveling in the car and then getting him into the hospital will cause a certain level of pain.

3. A home euthanasia allows you to include more family members in the process.

Instead of being crammed into an exam room with a limited number of family members, you can instead invite other family members and loved ones to be present.

A room filled with love, surrounding a dog in their bed, in their own home can be a beautiful experience. It is the reason I am able to be a home euthanasia vet…

4. You have more control over your dog’s comfort level

When your dog stays home for euthanasia you are able to have more control over his comfort. He can be resting in his favorite bed or he can be in the backyard laying in his favorite spot under his favorite tree.
Your home euthanasia vet may also be willing to meet you at the park or beach he loved (if he is not experiencing pain).
I have bore witness to beautiful home ceremonies that included rose petals, candles and music. Owners often cook a final meal for their dog that can be a distraction for when I first arrive.
You have control over the lighting, the smells and the sounds that will surround your dog in his final moments. This, to me, is the most important reason of all.

5. It is better for the family

Euthanasia is hard enough so it is important to try to make it easier for you and your family to navigate this process.
Home euthanasia means that you can have privacy when you are dealing with the emotions that come with this process. Being in your own home will help comfort you and also allow you to fully focus on your dog.
I started my home euthanasia business several years ago after helping a friend’s dog transition at home. He was a dog that exhibited fear aggression when entering vet offices. But because he was able to remain in the comfort of his own home he did not show one ounce of aggression or fear. He laid comfortably in his bed, surrounded by everyone who loved him as he peacefully transitioned from this life.
It was this beautiful experience that made me realize I must offer this service to as many dogs as possible.
Loosing our dogs sucks… It just does. The best we can do is provide them with a transition that is both gentle, comfortable and loving. Give this one final gift.
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If home euthanasia is not an option for you then click here for ways you can make an in-hospital euthanasia as comfortable as possible.

Wishing all of you navigating end of life decisions for your dogs
much grace and love,

xoxo Dr.Loudon